What we serve

Acai bowls

Full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber without any added artificial sugar, yet still delicious – how do you like this description of our acai bowls? Oh, and did we mention that thanks to the unusual nutritional profile of acai berries (less sugar and more healthy fats than most fruits) you are guaranteed to stay satisfied for longer?

Superfood smoothies

Frozen and fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices, vegan protein powders, and coconut yogurt all mixed and blended together. How could we make it even better? We’ve teamed up with Unicorn Superfoods and decided to add powerful powders to our smoothies! Each of them have different benefits but they will for sure keep you healthy and feeling stronger than ever!

Cold pressed juices

From the cure after a big night out to some fresh motivation that will get you going in the morning – we’ve got you covered thanks to our amazing cold pressed juices!


Delicious coffee from Proud Mary, tea from Calmer Sutra, chai, hot chocolate, tumeric latte… you name it, we’ve got it! Serving coffee from early morning till late afternoon so you don’t miss that caffeine kick whenever you need it. And we are right next to the Carnegie station so how about you grab our coffee on your way to work? Come on, treat yourself in the morning!

Toasts, sandwiches and salads

Why should your morning rush compromise your health? Our daily made healthy sandwiches and toasts made with delicious European bread from a local bakery will definitely satisfy you! All of our sandwiches and salads are vegetarian with some vegan options as well.

Snacks, sweets and more!

Check out our ever changing cabinet with fresh and healthy food. From decadent vegan truffles and vegan yogurt cups to protein balls and kombucha!

Private: How we look

What we believe in


We cooperate with companies that just like us believe in the importance of sustainability. We get our coffee beans delivered in buckets, we serve our juices and smoothies in BioCups and we are working on turning our food waste into compost. Join us in our fight for a better planet!


We believe the future is plant-based. All of our products are vegetarian with 90% of them being vegan! Our products are packed with nutrients, vitamins and protein with no added sugar or any of the bad artificial stuff. We also only cooperate with companies that support fair-trade. Your choices shape the world – so let’s make it a better place for everyone.

Food as medicine

By using plant based whole foods we make sure that you get as much nutrition and goodness as possible! A proper diet can prevent many lifestyle diseases and that’s why we avoid artificial sweeteners, added sugars and processed foods.